Ethical Life Coaching

Life coaching, executive coaching, mentoring & hypnocoaching.

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  • Do you want to achieve "whatever you want"? Then this is not for you!
  • Do you want to do the "right" thing? Then this is not for you either!

Modern day coaching is often about matching and meeting the same challenges as the rest of the rat race - ambition & achievement, business, family, leisure, travel, keeping fit, getting sponsored for charity, a full life, filling the hole inside, living the dream... but whose dream?

How do you identify your personal direction, your own thoughts and ideas, and those goals selected by you alone? How does this fit into your day-to-day living, routines, the people and world around you, your personal attributes and values, the purpose of your existence, of human existence, and of life in general? Are you ethically challenged by your current path, and what is around you? Do you conform or struggle? With what are you reciprocating with people and the world out there, with your private self and inner world, and with the wider universe and philosophy?

  • Coaching based on ethics, using and exploring your own values, facing the real complexities, understanding the ethics of yourself and others.
  • Coaching based on lifelong experience, and of lifelong studies of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, and other sources in ancient philosophy.

Life Coaching

Imagine that you had someone to
  • Listen, and support you, in strict confidence
  • Help you to discern and clarify your own goals and values
  • Help you picture what fulfilment means to you
  • Rehearse ideas and ways of thinking with, to meet your personal goals and challenges, and overcome obstacles
  • Give guidance, help find motivation, help create a plan and resource it, and see it through with you


If you choose to go deeper, then you can interact with your subconscious to

  • Uncover unfulfilled and forgotten values and sense of prupose
  • Remember deeper motivations from formative times in your life
  • Gently remove blocks, phobias or unwanted addictions
  • Build-in new ways of being, thinking and feeling

Hypnosis is relaxing, pleasurable and rewarding. Lighter trance is interactive, describing scenes and following guidance. Deeper trance more effectively absorbs and cements new ways of thinking.

As well as coaching, hypnosis can be used to help with:

  • Motivations, forgotten ambitions, phobias, weight, smoking, sleep, exams, stress, meditation, self-empowerment, interviews, concentration, performance, personal development.

Executive Coaching

What if you could

  • Get clarity on your purpose, personal goals, business goals and career choices, and take actions to achieve them
  • Improve work / life balance
  • Find new ways to manage yourself and manage your team
  • Improve your own performance
  • Talk things through with an independent person
  • Find out how a coaching or mentoring culture could benefit your business
  • Acquire new personal insights and skills


  • Regular or irregular, meetings or calls, as best meets your personal circumstances

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